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Öffentliche Ausschreibung der Referate des Student_innenrats der Technischen Universität Chemnitz

Der StuRa sucht nach neuen Referent_innen für die Amtszeit vom 01.10.2017 bis 30.09.2018. Das betrifft folgende Referate:

Referat Administration
Referat Antidiskriminierung
Referat Akademischer Sanitätsdienst
Referat Bafög und Soziales
Referat Finanzen
Referat Internationale Studierende
Referat Kultur
Referat Lehre und Studium
Referat Ökologie und Nachhaltigkeit (NATUC)
Referat Öffentlichkeitsarbeit
Referat Sport
Referat Verkehr
Referat Hochschulpolitik

Serious Money Fraud of International Students

Have you been offered a job that includes money transfers to the UK? In the last year it has happened several times that international students all over Germany have been offered or have found a job online where they were asked to transfer money. Usually, the receiver of the money was a person in UK with the name Kelvin or Stephan but he changes his name often. Contracts he offers you might be on behalf of a company with the name "K&M Cash Converters Plus Store". The procedure: You receive a cheque via post. You go to a bank where you hand in the cheque and transfer the money you receive via your bank account or via MoneyGram or WesternUnion to the UK. It sounds like an easy job, but the cheques that you receive are FAKE!

German Club

You probably know the problem: You come to Germany, you take german classes or maybe you even started learning german before you arrived here... but now you have so many international friends that you barely get to speak german at all! If that sounds familiar to you, and if you actually would like to improve your german and get some practice, why don't you join us for our German Club?