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Application for admission for registered refugees

Application for admission for registered refugees

Uni-assist has established with support of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) a procedure for application for admission for registered refugees, which is free of charge. You are entitled to make use of this procedure in the case that:

  • you can prove your status of residence as "registered refugee" and
  • you have successfully completed a TestAS-examination

TestAS is a central, standardized examination for checking the abilities for studies.
Technische Universität Chemnitz does not issue TestAS-certificates.
You may take TestAS-examinations at the following examina-tion centers:

In which cases I am a registered refugee?

  • Persons who are in possess of a certification of the registration as asylum seeker (“Bescheinigung über die Meldung als Asylsuchender” – BÜMA)/ proof of arrival at destination (Registration of seeking for asylum according to § 63a of the German Act on Asylum)
  • Asylum seekers (procedure in process – temporary residence permit according to § 55 of the German Act on Asylum Procedure)
  • Tolerated persons (temporary suspension of the expulsion – toleration according to § 60a of the German Act on Residence)
  • Persons entitled for asylum according to article 16a of the German Constitutional Law/ Geneva Convention on Refugees (residence according to § 25 section 1 German Act on Residence)
  • Admitted refugees according to § 3 German Act on Asylum Procedure (residence according to § 25 section 2 page 1/1 German Act on Residence)
  • Persons entitled for subsidiary protection according to § 4 German Act on Asylum Procedure (residence according to § 25 section 2, page 1/2 German Act on Residence)
  • Persons protected from expulsion according to § 60 section 5 and 7 German Act on Residence (residence according to § 25 section 3 of the German Act on Residence)

How can I apply at uni-assist?

The application free of charge is done in to steps:

1st step: Application for charge-free examination of documents:
2nd step: Submission of application documents upon call of uni-assist

Which documents do I need to submit to uni-assist?

FThe following documents need to be submitted to uni-assist:

  • The application for participation in the charge-free examination for determination of the qualification for university entrance:
  • Indication of data of the TestAS-certificate (ID, date of birth, date of examination)
  • The copy of a document that proves your status of residence in Germany (residence permit, notification of the foreigners‘ authority etc.)
  • The print of your TestAS-certificate

After uni-assist has checked your application for the coverage of the costs for the examination procedure, you will receive an email asking you to apply. It contains also all necessary information regarding the next steps of the application procedure.

For further references and information, please visit the following website of uni-assist:

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