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I suspect, in Germany theatre is regarded as a means to assert the refinement of society more than anywhere else in the world. How this happened I do not know. Probably because it is widely believed that men require neckties on the occasion of a theater visit. Apparently the theatre companies in Chemnitz don't care a tuppence about their moral responsibility, so to speak. Even a well established house like the Chemnitz Opera seems surprisingly fresh and lively; despite heavy stuff like Wagner's "Tannhäuser". Hardly any traditional or institutional dust.
The opera house is of course the cultural landmark, and "Municipal Theaters Ltd." is the pride of Chemnitz. This company does not only run the opera, but also the philharmonic, the ballet, the playhouse and the puppet theatre. Prizes are reasonable and students get a 50 percent concession. There is a central ticket service (Tel.: 6969696), and also a website in English.
The only other stages with a continuous programme are the two cabarets. Satirical cabaret that is. The independent scene in Chemnitz is a bit underdeveloped, but there are a few groups that perform in various places on a more or less regular basis. On the whole you cannot complain, and in fact nobody really does. Only some people believe theatre in Chemnitz is better than its audience.


Park der Opfer des Faschismus, bus 32 to "Annenstr." + 10 min. walk


The theatre of drama. It used to be one of the best houses in East Germany and I daresay it is still as good. The programme changes daily. There is a constant repertoire of more than 10 plays and about as many openings of new plays during a season. The house works with a rather permanent stock of actors. So the one who played Macbeth the last time may well be Macheath in Brecht's Beggar's Opera. Yes, these two classics are on just at present, along with a couple of other first class productions. Somehow you get the impression they want to do all the good stuff before somebody cuts back on subsidies. This would be a big mistake.
Programme is here here (click on number of month).


Theaterplatz, bus 32 or tram 2 or 5 to "Theaterplatz"

6969666 or 4884672

The house re-opened in 1992 after a complete reconstruction. It is an impressive building at the the far side of a wide square. During summer the square itself is used for open air cinema and concerts of the philharmonic orchestra that attract thousands of people. The interior of the opera house avoids over-ornate Semperian splendour. Not the little fat puttos, but brave skinny Don Quixote rules the foyer. The programme, on the other hand is rather ambitious. Italian and German operas, operettas, musicals, ballet and concerts of the renowned Robert-Schumann Philharmonics. If this is your cup of tea, here is the programme (click on number of month).


In Cinestar Luxor-Filmpalast

Hartmannstr. 9-11, 09111 Chemnitz, busses 21, 22, 23 to "Luxor-Filmpalast"


Not the main entrance, but at the back of the Luxor, opposite Diebels Fasskeller. Turn the building! Honestly, these guys deserve a main entrance and a real auditorium instead of a crummy cinema room that swallows every sound. I admit not having been there myself until recently, because puppet theatre sounds like sitting among a bunch of six year olds. Way off the mark. Some of these plays are worthy of parental guidings. The combination of puppets and real life characters is fascinating. Must see!!


Rathausstr. 1, busses and trams to "Zentralhaltestelle"

45080, tickets: 4508722 Not really a theatre, but two spacious halls that serve for guest performances of all sorts. It is not true that this means only fake German folk music. The programme is really very mixed. It could be rock or classical concerts, musicals - anyone who is on tour and likely to attract lots of people.


An der Markthalle 1-3, bus 21, 22, 23 to "Luxor Filmpalast"


Dowstairs, below the covered market next door to LARRY'S PUB, (which is irrelevant since the 1. Chemnitz Cabaret have their own pleasant little bar).
What you get is good satirical cabaret with a long tradition. They have seen times when it wasn't advisable to say on stage what you wanted to say, but people practised the skill of "hearing between lines". Today it is vice versa, which might be a reason why they never tire to go on about re-unification, east and west and all that. But then it is political cabaret, isn't it. You'll find their programme here


They perform on two stages:

"Komödianten - Keller"
Zwickauer Str. 283
and "Kabarett - Kiste"
An der Markthalle 8,
bus 21, 22, 23 to "Luxor Filmpalast"
Satirical cabaret and comedy, might be a good place to practise your Saxonian accent. They have about five different shows, their programme is on the web, you can also order your tickets there.

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