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Records Office

General information on handling credits and certificates

Please note that for technical and and data-protection reasons, students themselves must ensure that documents and scores issued by the Language Centre such as grades, credits, and certificates are kept in safe custody for the duration of their studies and beyond. The Language Centre cannot assume liabilty for a loss of documents. Please do not remove your name from course lists on OPAL because this will automatically delete all your scores stored in the system. Our safekeeping responsibilty ends after the above mentioned documents have been issued to the student and transferred to the Central Examination Office (ZPA).



The following certificates can be applied for or picked up from our  Records Office:

1. Certificates for having completed a language course successfully, issued in German and/or English, for courses in the language programmes: English for all Faculties, Business English, Russian, Spanish, French, Czech, Polish, German as a Foreign Language, Chinese, Italian.

2. Language Certificates (Fremdsprachenzertifikat, Fachsprachenzertifikat), issued in German and/or English,  for attending and successfully completing the respective courses as laid down in  Zertifikatsordnung.

3. Summary of language courses completed, issued in German and/or English, including the grades achieved in the Business English courses.

4. Documentation of language skills,  according to CEFR (without grades), issued in German and/or English, for attending and successfully completing language courses at this institution.


Records Office - where certificates for (almost) all languages taught can be collected

Please check OPAL for examination results.

The information, which certificate, from summer term 2018, is ready to be collected, can be found in a complete list here:  CURRENT status of certificates (Scheinausgabe)

Reichenhainer Strasse 70, Adolf-Ferdinand-Weinholdbau, basement, room w K84

Student assistants: Michelle Mittag, Sebastian Mittag, Maja Scheunemann

Telephone: 0371 531-29697


Please note our office hours:

Tuesday:          10:00 am to 1:00 pm
Wednesday:    9:30 am to 11:30 am
Alternative office hours by arrangement.

Any changes will be announced in good time.

If you want to pick up your certificate, please download the form below ("Leistungsübersicht"), fill in the details and bring it along: Formular für Leistungsübersicht

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