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1. General Regulations for Registering for Language Courses via OPAL

Prerequesite: valid login data from the University Computer Center (URZ)

Our FAQs  as well as the attendance policy of the Language Centre are also part of the regulations for registering for courses. You should read them carefully.

1. Relevance of the Placement Test

  • There are two different English programmes: a) English for all Faculties (EfaF-Programm – Englisch für alle Fakultäten), and b) Business English  (Wirtschaftsenglisch-Programm – WE) for Bachelor students of Economics/Business Administration/Business Information Systems (Wirtschaftswissenschaften/Wirtschaftsinformatik).
  • All students who wish to take a course in the programme of English for All Faculties (EfaF) may enrol in one of the Course 1 classes (CEFR level B2). All students who wish to take a higher level course (CEFR level C1; courses 3, 4 or 5) are required to take a placement test.
  • In the Business English Programme (Wirtschaftsenglisch-Programm – WE) it is optional to take the test. Based on a recommendation after having taking the test, students may enrol on the course following WE1, which is WE2, if there are free spots.  However, in case of a recommendation for a higher course level, there is no right to a place in such a course. When registering for the course WE2, students having regularly finished the course WE1 have priority over students repeating the course, newly enrolled students having or having not taken the placement test, and students possibly participating in several courses within one module.

2. Registering for Courses in OPAL

  • If you could not register for a suitable course due to a lack of available places, add your name to the waiting list of the recommended course in OPAL. As soon as a place becomes available, you will be registered for the regular course. The registration via OPAL is (at first) regarded as an intention to participate in a course, and does hence not create a right to a place in a course. For reasons of an effective use of the capacity available in courses, please come to the first lesson personally. In exceptional cases, you have to inform the tutor about your possible belated course participation before the first lesson. Otherwise, your place is going to be given to other students from the waiting list.
  • We plan our courses thoroughly in consultation with the faculties. However, students have a freedom of choice, which means that there is the risk of courses you have registered for being closed due to a lack of participants. Therefore, please observe the registration process at the beginning of a term, and reorientate if necessary.
  • In case of limited capacity, principally those students have priority whose Bachelor programme includes language courses as an obligatory or optionally required part (cf. study regulations). This particularly applies to the Business English Programme (obligatory for students of Economics/Business Administration – WiWi – and Business Information Systems - Wirtschaftsinformatik). Students repeating a course can participate again, but may have to cede their place to other students participating in the course for the first time. Double registrations within one module are only permitted in duly substantiated cases  (cf. study regulation/module description), and always have to be agreed to by the head of the language division concerned (Fachgruppenleiter - cf. “Staff”/“Personal” on the homepage of the Language Center – ZfF).

3. Master and ERASMUS Students in the Business English Programme  (WE- Programm)

  • Students of other fields or courses of study (including Master of Economics and ERASMUS students) may take part in the courses corresponding to their proven language level (B2 or C1 level) if there are places available. In case of doubt, please contact the head of the Business English division (Fachgruppenleiter WE) regarding your registration for a course (cf. “Staff” / “Personal” on the homepage of the Language Center – ZFS). Therefore, Master and ERASMUS students may only add their name to the waiting list of a course at first.


2. Course Material


English for all Faculties (Englisch für alle Fakultäten – EfaF)

Course Packs developed by the Language Center (You can buy them in the Copyshop Dietze.)

Programme for Students of the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration (Fakultät Wirtschaftswissenschaften)

Course Packs developed by the Language Center (You can buy them in the Copyshop Dietze.)


See Course Description French


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German as a Foreign Language

See German as a Foreign Language (DaF)

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