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Rules of Class Attendance

Regarding the question of attendance, there are no new rules at the Language Centre (“ZFS”). As in the past, the recommendations of the university management serve as an orientation.

On 26 Nov 2009, the office of the Vice-Rector for Teaching and Learning (“Prorektorat für Lehre, Studium und Weiterbildung”) published a circular letter (sent to the Student Council for information) saying it is legitimate "to agree upon rules of attendance with students on a voluntary and mutual basis. This applies to the ‘small’ types of classes in particular (seminars, exercises, …) in order to develop an adequate culture of discussion and cooperation." [Original wording in German. In case of doubt, the German version shall prevail.]

The courses offered at the Language Centre are “exercises” (“Übungen”).

Rules of Attendance Within the Framework of the Certificate Programme

In case of the courses of the Certificate Programme (English for all Faculties – EfaF) the mutual agreement with students as described above exists in the form of the Certificate Regulations (“Zertifikatsordnung”), which is accepted by every student when registering for a course (cf. Regulations for Acquiring a Language Certificate and Regulations for Registering). The courses of the Language Centre are part of a training programme, not of a mere examination programme. Hence, missing classes two times in a two-hour certificate course, and missing classes four times in a 4-hour certificate course is tolerated.

Rules of Attendance Within the Framework of the Obligatory Language Training in all Foreign Languages

The courses at the Language Centre (“ZFS”) are generally organised in the form of obligatory language courses according to the requirements of the faculties. This means that students whose study regulations do not necessarily include the completion of a technical language module may attend courses, too.

If a student registers for a course in a normal way (= intention of attending the course), and confirms the wish to attend that course by coming to the first class, he / she undertakes to attend the course on a regular basis; i.e. missing classes two times in a 2-hour course and missing classes four times in a 4-hour course is tolerated. The reason this regulation is necessary is that in case of infrequent attendance of an always incalculable amount of course participants no stable and steady teaching and learning progress can be achieved. Furthermore, teaching staff cannot ensure a predictable fulfilment of demand.

However, students may take part in examinations without any preparation and course attendance. In such cases, they are counted as external participants.

In such cases, it is imperative to observe the following procedure:

  • External participants and retakers who do not attend the course again organise their participation in examinations, including preparation, autonomously and independently.
  • Next to registering for examinations as normal (in case of English for Economics – Wirtschaftsenglisch – usually both in the Examinations Office – Prüfungsamt – and in the Language Centre via OPAL within the periods of time specified), external participants and retakers must register for a course they would like to take the examination in at the beginning of a term, too, in order to be recorded for the advance planning of the examination on time.
  • After having registered for a course, please contact the respective teacher at the beginning of the lecture period in order to have your name put down for the examination, and – where applicable – to arrange an appointment for preparatory assessment (“Prüfungsvorleistung” – PVL).
  • Please bear in mind that an examination may consist of several parts (listening, reading, writing, and speaking where applicable). In order to organise the participation in a listening or oral examination, external participants must contact the respective teacher during the examination registration period of the Language Centre at the latest (cf. notices and course catalogue on the homepage of the Language Centre - Link: Course Offer[de]) You may also ask the Head of the respective Technical Unit / Language Division (“Fachgruppenleiter”) for the dates and times of written examinations.

In case of further questions, our colleagues are happy to help you.


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