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Registering for Courses and Placement Tests via OPAL

Course participants must register for all language courses, examinations and placement tests via OPAL, using their login of the Technische Universität Chemnitz . Course participants and instructors may also optionally communicate via OPAL.

If you have encountered a technical problem with OPAL, please contact


Click here for an overview of the entire course programme of the Language Centre.

1. Dates for Registering for  English Language Courses in Winter Semester 2017/18

Registrations for all courses offered by the Language Centre take place at:

Registration times are as follows:

  • From   02 Oct. 2017,  7:00 am (Business English - Englisch für WiWi)
  • From   02 Oct. 2017,  9:00 am (Romance Languages)
  • From   02 Oct. 2017, 11:00 am (Slavonic Languages)
  • From   02 Oct. 2017,  1:00 pm (English for all Faculties - Englisch für alle Fakultäten)
  • From   02 Oct. 2017,  3:00 pm (Others – German as a Foreign Language - DaF, Chinese, Latin, etc.)
All language courses begin as of 16 Oct. 2017.

2. Information on Registration and Dates for Placement Tests in all languages

Click here for a detailed overview of the placement tests.

2.1. Placement Test English in programme English for all Faculties (Efaf)

Any students who wish to take part in an ADVANCED English language course (level C1) have to take a Placement Test. Please sign up for the placement test taking place on Tuesday, 10 Oct. 2017 in Reichenhainer Str. 70. You can find further information here.

Click here for an excerpt from a placement test.

2.2. Placement Tests in Other Languages

Click here for information on the placement tests in all other languages.

3. Dates for Registering for  English Language Courses in Summer Semester 2017

Any students who wish to take part in an English language course in the programme English for all Faculties (EfaF) can enrol in one of the courses "Kurs 1" (level B2) as of 02 Oct. 2017 since they are qualified by having taken the Abitur. A placement test is not required. For C1 level courses (starting with "Kurs 3" ) see 2.1. Please mind the General Regulations for Registering for Language Courses.

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