Select one of the images below to start it moving. This is a small selection of the Megabytes of data we (SFB 393) computed on a Parsytec GCPP in order to evaluate results of numerical simulation in fluid dynamics. There is also a page with a selection of MPEG-Files or some examples of mesh refinement. We have installed a little viewer for a collection of mesh files (warning: this needs Java).

(cylinder trace) (fuel) (temperature)
temperature flow () combustion: fuel () combustion: temperature ()
ring (Kreise1) (Ring+Trace)
temperature driven flow (+trace)
() () ()
(cooler) (tower) (tower)
technical cooler () fluid with obstacle() particle trace()
(3D benchmark) (3D rotating fluid) (tower)
3D benchmark with particles() particles in rotating fluid () tool deformation()

Matthias Pester, 17-Feb-1997 / 15-Mar-2011