Examples for animated solutions of flow simulations

The single pictures were produced automatically during the numerical simulation on parallel computers GCPowerPLus (1995-98) and CLiC (2000-2007). For the animation via WWW they were compressed to the MPEG format.
Just try clicking on an image and enjoy! - But take care on the file sizes before clicking.

1. Simulation of combustion
(Image) Temperature in a flame MPEG (137K)
(Image) Temperature and particle trace MPEG (124K)
(Image) Oxygen and stream lines in a flame MPEG (1.7M)
(Image) Product  and stream lines in a flame MPEG (873K)
(Image) Temperature, oxygen, fuel and product, simultaneously GIF (987K)
(Image) Stream lines in a closed domain AVI (-)
(Image) Temperature, oxygen and product in the same domain as above GIF (2.5M)
2. Flow around a hot cylindric obstacle
(Image) Temperature within flowing medium (30 Kelvin more at the cylinder) MPEG (115K)
AVI (222K)
(Image) Simultaneously: stream lines, pressure, horizontal and vertical velocity MPEG (670K)
3. Simple flow with obstacle
(Image) Stream lines and pressure around the "Red Tower" of Chemnitz MPEG (1.2M)
(Image) Zoomed view  of the above, with modified conditions MPEG (5.5M)
4. Temperature or density driven flow
(Image)(Image) Initial case: hot at bottom, cool at top - turning left or right? MPEG (168K)
MPEG (112K)
Initial case: 2 gases of different density, separated vertically MPEG (1.6M)
5. A benchmarking example  (Von Karman Vortex Street behind a Cylinder)
(Image) Horizontal velocity with varying boundary conditions  MPEG (2.3M)
(Image) Zoomed view, velocity growing from 0 to 150 cm/s MPEG (4.3M)
6. Our former "SPC-Logo"  used as channel for a fluid
(Image) Wrong boundary conditions: high-speed backward flow MPEG (498K)
(Image) Flow through S-P-C (now forward) MPEG (310K)
7. An example of slicing cut planes in 3D (Fichera corner)
(Image) xy - plane moving along z-axis MPEG (408K)
xz - plane moving along y-axis (397K)
yz - plane moving along x-axis (392K)
8. 3D CFD benchmark test
(Image: cut plane)
4 components (velocity and pressure) in the cut plane along the cylinder (Image: 3D view)
(Image: particle trace) Tracing particles in the flow, (also as MPEG, (5.7M))
and another example (also as MPEG, (3.5M))
MNG (8.1M)

Computations were done on the GCPowerPlus-128 (1-7) and on the CLiC (8) at the Technical University of Chemnitz with software developed by the research group SPC at the Faculty of Mathematics, since 1996: SFB 393

HINT:There is also a small page with animated GIF's instead of MPEG's.

Image Processing: Matthias Pester