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Numerische Simulation auf massiv parallelen Rechnern

Zeit: Freitag, 12.7.2002, 11:00 Uhr
Ort: Reichenhainer Straße 70, B 202
Vortragender: Thomas Grund, Dr. Gerd Kunert (TUC)
Thema: The SIAM 100 digit challenge - Problems and results

Early this year Nick Trefethen presented the SIAM 100 digit challange to the numerical community. Ten problems were to be solved; for each one the answer being a single number which was sought with an accuracy of 10 digits. Among the 94 teams from 25 countries, 22 teams scored the maximum of 100 correct digits. Three winner teams are from Germany, and two of them from Chemnitz.

Now the results are known. We will briefly present the problems, the results as well as our approaches and external solutions. We promise astonishing and exciting insight into the analysis and numerics of the problems.

Information and entertainment at their best. - Join us on Friday!

Das Seminar wird nicht von Prof. Meyer geleitet. Interessenten sind herzlich eingeladen.

Gerd Kunert,