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Quality Pact for Teaching
Quality Pact for Teaching

TU4U-SelfE - Self-Organised E-Learning

tu4u-selfeDo you miss being in touch with your fellow students? You just can’t make progress without your study group? The lack of structure in your daily study life leads to demotivation and procrastination?

No matter whether you’d like to be more organized or more motivated – our offers provide support for your online studies.

Advice for online study at home, support for your writing projects, and how to deal with procrastination

Online-Consultation in the Webroom
Individual counseling for study related challenges and consultation on Academic and Scientific Writing

Online Workshops, Study Coachings & Writing Week
Offers for improving your study skills

Online Learning | ROOMS Mathematics and Computer Science
Discipline-related exchange and tutorials for your questions regarding lectures and seminars

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