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One of the focal points of the overall mission of the TU Chemnitz is the development and implementation of preparatory courses to even out the various levels of the heterogeneous compilation of students beginning their course of study. The goal is to level the objective barriers present for degree programs with varying requirements in all basic subjects.

The preparatory courses serve to help students at the beginning of their bachelor degree program to achieve a general level of understanding based on the differences of various educational backgrounds (advanced courses vs. basic courses; differences in educational programs throughout Federal States; foreign exchange students, etc.).

Preparatory courses are furthermore intended for students in transition between bachelor and master degree programs. A level compensation is of special importance for the heterogeneity of the student body when students come with various educational backgrounds from other universities or degree programs.

The goal of the preparatory courses is to reduce the amount of “level compensating repetition” of basic subject material currently present in regular lectures of the MINT degree programs and the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration.

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