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Faculty of Mathematics

n-Städte Seminar - n Cities seminar

Das n-Städte Seminar - n-cities seminar is organized by mathematicians from the Universities of Chemnitz, Dresden, Freiberg and Leipzig (currently Swanhild Bernstein, Ralph Chill, Tatjana Eisner, Peter Stollmann) and is dedicated but not restricted to a variety of fields in analysis, amongst them:

  • Functional analysis
  • Analysis of partial differential equations
  • Complex analysis
  • Operator theory
  • Theory of operator semigroups
  • Probability and ergodic theory

Meeting 2018 in Chemnitz

Date: 19.1.2018, Venue: Room B202, Reichenhainer Str. 70, Rühlmann-Bau.
  • 14:00--14:45: Sebastian Mildner (Dresden)
    "Symmetry between the energy of a gradient system and its Lyapunov functions"
  • 14:45--15:30: Christian Seifert (Hamburg)
    "Operators via Boundary Systems"
  • 16:00--16:45: Tatjana Eisner (Leipzig)
    "Wiener‘s lemma along primes"
  • 16:45--17:30: David Damanik (Houston)
    " Localization for the one-dimensional Anderson model via positivity and large deviations for the Lyapunov exponent"
Joint Dinner at the Turm Brauhaus at 18:30