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Theoretical Physics - Simulation of new Materials
Topics for bachelor and master theses

Topics for diploma, bachelor's and master's thesis

There are diploma, bachelor's and master's theses to be assigned. If interested, please contact us by phone or email or simply visit us. Possible topics are from the following areas:

Modeling of new semiconductor materials

For the development of new semiconductor materials and devices a simulation of the optical properties is useful in many ways: For the estimation of the (scientific and economic) potential of a material, for the optimization of the structural parameters, for the detection of loss processes etc. Basic requirement of such simulations is a parameter-free theory, which is not dependant on constant experimental input. Therefore, only a numerically very complex many-particle theory is applicable. After careful choice of parameters such a theory can be used to make interesting predictions, as we have lastly shown by the example of Wismiden and Antimoniden. The work takes place in close co-operation with experimental groups.

Laser dynamics and non-equilibrium effects

Lasers are becoming more important within many areas of the everyday life, e.g. telecommunications and the medicine. Theoretically they are however often described with very simple models, which presuppose an equilibrium distribution of the charge carriers in the semiconductor laser, for example due to the high density and fast scattering. This approximation is particularly doubtful for lasers with very high output, however is mostly usually used for  numerical reasons. A modeling of the full dynamics of the charge carriers requires a high computational effort, is however quite possible on modern computer systems and shows interesting effects, such as a possible optimization of laser systems in terms of performance or speed by variation of the shape of the stimulating pulse.


Current topics for Bachelor- and Master theses

Besides the general topics we offer some specific suggestions for Bachelor- and Master theses as well


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