675. WE-Heraeus Seminar: Delayed Complex Systems 2018

2- 5 July 2018, Physikzentrum Bad Honnef, Germany

Invited Speakers
Invited Speakers (confirmed):
  • Fatihcan Atay (Bilkent University, Ankara):
  • Conserved Quantities in Network Dynamics under Time Delays
  • Sue Ann Campbell (University of Waterloo):
  • 'Symmetry, Hopf Bifurcation and the Emergence of Cluster Solutions in Time Delayed Neural Networks'
  • Thomas Erneux (ULB, Bruxelles):
  • 'Fronts, pulses, and wave trains of delayed PDEs'
  • Ingo Fischer (UIB, Palma de Mallorca):
  • 'Employing Delay-Systems for Fast Neuro-Inspired Information Processing'
  • Luca Giuggioli (University of Bristol):
  • 'Analytic investigations of linear delayed Langevin equations with additive Gaussian noise'
  • Svetlana Gurevich (WWU Münster)
  • 'Delayed feedback control of self-mobile cavity solitons in a wide-aperture laser with a saturable absorber'
  • Spase Petkoski (Aix-Marseille Universite):
  • 'Heterogeneity of time delays determines synchronization of coupled oscillators'
  • Vladimir Klinshov (IAP RAS, Nizhny Novgorod):
  • 'Destabilization of regular spiking in networks with pulse delayed coupling'
  • Bernd Krauskopf (University of Auckland):
  • 'State-dependent delayed feedback in the El Niño Southern Oscillation system'
  • Yuliya Kyrychko (University of Sussex)
  • 'Exploring the wonderland of systems with distributed delays'
  • Laurent Larger (FEMTO-ST, Universite de Franche-Comté)
  • 'Delay dynamics emulating network of coupled oscillators: from chimera states to brain-inspired processing'
  • André Longtin (University of Ottawa):
  • 'Distributed delays in stochastic neural systems'
  • Kathy Lüdge (TU Berlin)
  • 'Routes to complexity in the light output of mode-locked lasers'
  • Michael C. Mackey (McGill University, Montreal)
  • 'Mathematical models of gene regulation: Biology drives new mathematics'
  • Wim Michiels (KU Leuven)
  • 'Design of structured controllers for network of delay-coupled systems'
  • John Milton (The Claremont Collages):
  • 'Hybrid systems with delay in human balance control'
  • Rajarshi Roy (University of Maryland):
  • 'Photons, Networks and Synchrony in Complex Delayed Systems'
  • Eckehard Schöll (TU Berlin)
  • 'Partial synchronization patterns - interplay of time delay, dynamics, and network topology'
  • Jan Sieber (University of Exeter)
  • 'Spectrum of periodic orbits with long delay and slightly longer period'
  • Rifat Sipahi (Northeastern University, Boston)
  • 'Effects of Delays on the Dynamics of Multi-Agent Systems'
  • Andrei Vladimirov (WIAS Berlin):
  • 'Time-delay systems in multimode laser dynamics'
  • Serhiy Yanchuk (TU Berlin)
  • 'Dynamical patterns in networks of excitable systems with coupling delays'
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