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Professur Ionenphysik (1994 - 2009)



Prof. Dr. Dieter Gerlich

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On 01. Feb. 1994 Prof. D. Gerlich took over the group Gasentladungs- and Ionenphysik. In addition to the traditional studies of discharges (e.g. polymerization, etching) various fundamental laboratory studies have been started. The aim was to understand in detail all kind of plasmas, ranging from technical applications to astrochemistry. Developing innovative ion guides and low temperature ion traps and combining them with lasers, molecular beams, sophisticated detectors etc., many unique experimental studies became possible.


Since his retirement (30.09.2009), Prof. D. Gerlich is actively engaged in several laboratories in Prague, Basel, Köln and other universities. Of central importance are applications of new cryogenic traps in reaction dynamics and spectroscopy.

Research activities

IOTA Ion Traps for Tomorrows Applications

ITS LEIF Low Energy Ion Beam Facilities

The Chemical Cosmos

FGLA Laboratory astrophysics

Cryogenic s4PT: new results for C60+ and C70+

E. K. Campbell, M. Holz, J. P. Maier, D. Gerlich,
G. A. H. Walker, and D. Bohlender

Gas phase absorption spectroscopy of C60+ and C70+ in a cryogenic ion trap: comparison with astronomical measurements

Ap. J. 822 (2016) 17-24


See also Nature, 523 (2015) 322 DOI: 10.1038/nature14566



Left: For heavy ions in helium, a cryogenic linear quadrupole is especially well suited for determining absolute photo absorption cross sections. The ion cloud (red) is completely embedded in the laser (yellow). For more details see [jas15]

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