Prof. Dr. Dieter Gerlich

On 30.09.2009, I retired from the TUC (mandatory with 65)

Since 01.10.2009, I am Angehöriger der TU Universität Chemnitz

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Adress (private)

Wildtalstr. 16, 79108 Freiburg / Germany

Prague, Basel, Köln

I am active in various laboratories, contributing to the operation and improvement of instruments using ion guides and low temperature ion traps in ion spectroscopy and reaction dynamics. Intersting new results can be found in the publication list.

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Teaching and Training

It is a great pleasure for me to help in developping new instruments, and to train graduate students and postdocs in applying inhomogeneous rf fields.

If you have any question, just contact me via email.


How many rods a multipole trap should have? 22 or better 4?


Dieter Gerlich 16.05.2017