A pdf-Version of the programm can be found below.

The Get Together on Sunday will take place in the hotel lobby at 7 p.m.

 Monday Tuesday Wednesday
08:30Registration08:30Invited talk
Peter Van
08:30Invited talk
Viorel Badescu
Karl Heinz Hoffmann
09:15Invited talk
Wolfgang Muschik
09:15Invited talk
Vito Antonio Cimmelli
09:15Invited talk
Bjarne Andresen
10:00Coffee break10:00Coffee break10:00Coffee break
10:30Session I – Biothermodynamics
  • Jürgen U. Keller
  • Thomas Maskow
  • Urs von Stockar
10:30Session III – Thermodynamics at Small Scales
  • Signe Kjelstrup
  • Miguel Rubi
  • David Jou
10:30Session V – Optimizing Thermodynamic Processes
  • Peter Salamon
  • Daniel Tondeur
  • Mikhail Sorin
12:00Poster Session12:00Invited talk
Werner Köhler
12:00Invited talk
Heinz Herwig
14:00Competition and Questionaire Presentation
Jeffery Lewins
14:00Session IV – Radiation Thermodynamics
  • Chris Essex
  • Joachim Pelkowski
14:00Session VI – Transport Phenomena
  • Dick Bedeaux
  • Janett Prehl
  • Günter Radons
14:30Session II – “Up and Coming Scientists”
  • Vita Triani
  • Lucjan Nastalek
15:00Coffee break
15:30Coffee break15:30Poster Session15:30Coffee break
16:00Prigogine prize
Chair: Daniel Tondeur
Kirill Glavatskiy
16:00Summary & Outlook
Karl Heinz Hoffmann
16:15Cool Thermal Energy Storages
Thorsten Urbaneck
  17:00Study Tour
Central cooling plant with large-scale cold water storage
18:30Tour through the exhibition of the Industrial Museum Chemnitz  
19:30Conference Dinner19:30Dinner


 Thursday Friday
08:45Departure from the hotel08:30Departure from the hotel
10:00 – 12:00Visit of the pumped storage power plant Markersbach10:00 – 12:00Visit of the Helmholtz Center Dresden Rossendorf


Visit of



Visit of the historical town center of Dresden and the Saxon Switzerland

18:00Arrival at the hotel19:30

Arrival at the hotel


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