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International Relations

Parlamente in der Sicherheitspolitik:
Erfüllungsgehilfen oder Vetospieler?

Vortrag und Diskussion mit
Dr. Patrick Mello
12. Dezember 2019, 11:30 bis 13:00 Uhr
Neues Hörsaal- und Seminargebäude,
Raum N111

International negotiations and politics

Jakob Landwehr, research associate at the Professorship of International Relations, visited the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Netherlands, from 27 to 29 December. He gave a guest lecture on "International negotiations and politics" at the Department of Experimental and Applied Psychology to international master students and staff members. In her course "Negotiation" Dr. Alexandra Cook addresses negotiations from the perspective of psychology. The guest lecture put additional emphasis on political aspects and provided an insight into peace and conflict research. Future joint projects are already being planned to link different aspects of both disciplines.

Spionage, Sabotage
und der Kampf ums Internet

Vortrag und Diskussion mit
Dr. Kai-Holmger Kretschmer
2 Juli 2019,
Neues Hörsaal- und Seminargebäude, Raum N113

Referendums on Europe

Hildesheim University on 28/29 March 2019

Brexit stands out as one of the most consequential decisions in the long and diverse history of EU referendums across Europe. With the (former) day of the UK’s exit from the EU approaching, it was time to discuss the motives, dynamics and outcomes of such referendums on Europe. While EU integration is probably the “most voted-on issue in the world” (De Vreese und Semetko 2004: 4) and EU referendums have sparked a good deal of academic work, occasions are rare for in-depth interdisciplinary discussion on the issue. Against this background, we invited leading scholars and young academics from across Europe to present their work in a workshop on „Referendums on Europe: Motives, Dynamics, Outcomes“ at Hildesheim University on 28/29 March 2019. Papers/presentations were held in four panels on: a) motives for calling EU referendums, b) the dynamics of multi-level pre-referendum politics, c) EU referendum campaigns and results, and d) the consequences of referendum Outcomes. The first day of the workshop was concluded by a roundtable discussion.

Conveners: Wolf J. Schünemann & Kai Oppermann