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Psychology of learning with digital media
Teaching projects

Photoshop tutorial

On the basis of a pratical course called "Designing multimedia learning environments", students created a tutorial on Photoshop. The developed website contains texts, pictures and videos on learning fields like working with layers, brightness and contrast, color correction and retouching. Subsequent to introductory information for each learning area, Photoshop tools are presented, areas of application are illustrated and learning taks are implemented. This tutorial is designed on the basis of selected designing principles, which had been postulated in the Cognitive Load Theory and the Theory of Multimedia Learning.

URL to Photoshop tutorial

Pedagogical Agents

In the seminar “Media Pedagogy & Media Competences” our students acquire the theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary to design and implement virtual agents. After an overview of current research topics regarding virtual agents in the context of learning students develop their own research questions and create suitable pedagogical agents. In this process, students learn how to use professional 3D software such as Autodesk Maya and gain experience in the design of learning materials for research as well as their presentation, e.g. using HTML pages or online surveys.
For inquiries concerning this course, please contact our research associate Alexander Skulmowski.

Interactive application for drug prevention featuring pedagogical agents: Julian Egger, Lena Krumbiegel, Beate Kuretzky, Yasmina Ramdani, Stefan Voigtländer

Project on the influence of the ethnicity of pedagogical agents on language learning: Sandra Weiner, Tom Göpfert, Heidi Dünow, Marie Schmutzler, Bianca Eichler

Project on the influence of expertise (visualized via clothing) on the effectiveness of pedagogical agents: Dominik Hemeli, Carolin Ehmel, Sebastian Muckelbauer, Marie Sauer, Marie Sophie Hunze, Stephan Kretschmer

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