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Juniorprofessur Interkulturelle Kompetenz

Between Eros und Thanatos - a literary discourse analysis of AIDS autobiographies

Under the supervision of JP Dr Gala Rebane, Christine Stadler is currently working on a PhD dissertation on AIDS autobiographies by gay male authors.

Previously, Ms. Stadler graduated from Chemnitz University of Technology with a Master of Arts in Intercultural Communication. In her dissertation, she examined images of Japan as conveyed in autobiographical texts by the Belgian writer Amélie Nothomb. Ms. Stadler also has a Master of Arts (with Distinction) in French and Comparative Literature from the University of Kent (Canterbury and Paris).

In 2012/13 she was a student assistant at the Chair for Philosophy (focus: Cognitive Science) and she has also worked for kulturcampus (a student-led provider of intercultural education at Chemnitz University of Technology).

Her main research interests are in the fields of literature and medicine, autobiographical research, cultural aspects of HIV/AIDS and disease in general, feminism, and 20th and 21st century literature.


‘We are war and peace in a single bed – an exploration of identities related to AIDS and gay sexuality in Borrowed Time and Love Alone by Paul Monette’. Conference: Eighth Annual Western Michigan University Medical Humanities Conference, Western Michigan University (Kalamazoo), 13-14 September 2018. Accepted, upcoming. 

Je sont des autres – AIDS and the fragmented self in Hervé Guibert’s Le Paradis’. North West Medical Humanities Postgraduate Network Interdisciplinarity Workshop, Lancaster University, 19. April 2018.

L’hôpital, c’est l’enfer – Institutions, medical discourses and physicians in two French AIDS journals’. Conference: French Medico-Textual Cultures, Queen’s University Belfast, 9-10 March 2018.

‘Das fabelhafte Japan in autobiographischen Texten Amélie Nothombs’ (‚The fabulous Japan in autobiographical texts by Amélie Nothomb‘). Conference: Untersuchungen zu Kultur und Gesellschaft in studentischen Abschlussarbeiten, TU Chemnitz, 18 December 2017 (co-organized).

‘Desire and Dis-ease in Alexandre Bergamini’s Sang Damné (2011)’. London Postgraduate French Conference (L.O.V.E. and Other Disaffections), University of London, 4 November 2017.

Other Responsibilities:

Coordination of three student projects contributing to the 875-year-anniversary of Chemnitz.

Co-organization of the Alumni conference Studierende als Wissenschaftler. Untersuchungen zu Kultur und Gesellschaft in den Abschlussarbeiten at TU Chemnitz, 18 December 2017.



Phone: +49 371 531 34085

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