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Chair German Linguistics, Semiotics and Multimodal Communication
Journal for Media Linguistics

Journal for Media Linguistics

The Journal for Media Linguistics (jfml) is an open access journal. In the spirit of an open, interactive, and independent scientific culture, the quality control of the jfml is ensured by an open peer review and the media-linguistic expertise of the editorial board. The jfml publishes articles, reviews, and conference reports in German and English on an ongoing basis. Media linguistics has two main areas of inquiry, which form the thematic cornerstones of the jfml:

    1) The theoretical and empirical scrutiny of the relationship between mediality and linguisticity: this relationship is fundamental for communication, culture and cognition. In this respect, media linguistics is proving to be a fundamental field of linguistic research.

    2) The exploration of language and communication under the influence of media changes. These changes have had and continue to have an impact on social life: on everyday life, professional contexts and, of course, the public at large. Therefore, media–linguistic analyses are necessary at both the micro and macro level.

The jfml invites contributors to work on theoretical, empirical, and methodological questions and submit corresponding work as articles. Furthermore, reviews and conference reports of media–linguistic publications and events are welcome.

All contributions appear under a Creative Commons license (CC BY-SA 4.0 international).


  • Mark Dang-Anh (Mannheim)
  • Konstanze Marx (Greifswald)
  • Matthias Meiler (Chemnitz)


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