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Europäische Geschichte studieren in Chemnitz
European History

Welcome to the Institute of European History

How became Europe what it is today, and what will it be tomorrow? Who thought when, why and where about “Europe”? Why does Chemnitz have more in common with Lyon, Lódz and Manchester than with Leipzig or Berlin? These issues are tackled by the four different professorships and one junior professorship of the Institute of European History at Chemnitz University of Technology. These professorships try to answer these questions from a variety of viewpoints from different eras and regions.

The European History study program (in Bachelor’s and Master’s degree) allows an insight into the forming of the European idea, which developed in ancient times, as well as the tense relations between different regions, countries and the European integration. Furthermore, the study program examines the interwoven paths of migration, consumption, industrialisation and social movements of democracy and dictatorship. Since the present has as much to do with history as the past, an important ingredient of the studies is historical culture on the one hand and practical experience on the other. There are numerous possibilities and career opportunities for the graduates, such as in the domain of traditional occupations (museums and archives), but also in print media, online media and governmental and international institutions.


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