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M.A. theses

pdf M.A. theses guidelines (January 2008)

Vorschläge für angewandte Magisterarbeiten

Alle Arbeiten konzentieren sich auf die Auswertung (mindestens z.T.) vorhandener Daten und in der Interpretation auf die Verbindung mit in der Bibliothek vorhandenen Büchern. Arbeiten können in Deutsch oder in Englisch geschrieben werden.

Die Vorschläge dienen nur als Anregung, ähnliche oder andere Titel sind jederzeit möglich.

Wichtig ist bei der Themenauswahl, daß man sowohl Spaß an der monatelangen Arbeit hat als auch am Ende ein präsentables Produkt vorzuweisen ist.

Fertiggestellte Magisterarbeiten finden Sie hier.

1. Language & Culture / British Studies
1.1. Britain for the German reader

  • Selling Scotland - a linguistic analysis of tourist brochures
  • "Total quality": The language of (marketing) Bosch, Cardiff
  • "British Safe Eating" (BSE): How the food industry talks to consumers
  • "Customer Talk": the language of English citizens' advice brochures
  • "Nutrition Talk": a linguistic analysis of British sales brochures
  • "How to buy a house in England / Scotland": intercultural advice for Germans
  • How Scottish is the Edinburgh (Tringe) Festival - An analysis of Presentations in Scots and Gaelic
  • Marketing Scottish Whisky on www. Creating the right atmosphere (authenticity) through language
  • "St Andrews for kids". Presenting places for very young tourists in child-specific language and form

1.2. Germany for the English (speaker)

  • Chemnitz, not QUITE the German Cambridge: limits of a model tourist brochure
  • Philosophy, English and much more: advertising a TUC faculty on the internet

2. Computer applications
2.1. Internet Studies

  • German Internet pages in English
  • The language of English (internet) bulletin boards
  • The language of African/ ... internet newspapers in English
  • Advertising telecommunication/ ... companies around the wold in English (e.g. Nokia)

2.2. The language of computing

  • Special linguistic and semiotic features of e-mail messages
  • Understanding computer manuals
  • Developing a databank for technical terms in advertising, etc.

2.3. Software/Tools

  • T1: An analysis of a German - English translation program
  • Using computer-science terminology in common English [comparing the index of a computer-science textbook with the British National Corpus]
  • Comparing the lexicon of Early English text corpora [i.e. the Lampeter Corpus with the Helsinki Corpus]

3. Contrastive studies
3.1. based on the Chemnitz English - German translation corpus

  • The prepositions of and von: overlap and contrast in forms and functions
  • The preposition in in the Chemnitz English - German -translation corpus
  • Relative clauses in the Chemnitz English - German -translation corpus
  • Academic English by German Scientists
  • Aspect in contrast: a comparison of have+-ing with its German translation equivalents
  • Modal verbs in German and English: a comparison

3.2. general/applied

  • The language of British humour - and the reactions by Germans
  • A comparison of British/American/Australian advertising
  • Subtitling English films in language and culture