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Exam Hints

Concrete Suggestions for MA Theses:

1. The language of devolution
Go through the web pages of the Regional Development Agencies in Britain and compare the latest slogans on diversity and quality. This is an exercise in political manipulation through language.

2. The concept and language of sustainability: a discourse history with special reference to England and Germany
After the Rio Conference the notion of sustainability became popular in European agencies and media. This work uses concepts from critical discourse theory and corpus linguistics to show linguistically-based differences between groups (from above and from below), media (depending on political stance) and nations (England, Germany, Ireland, etc.). Different collocations prove different intentions, different users conjure up different associations; different contexts reveal different attitudes.

3. Scottish Language in Scottish Advertising?
Compare different branches ("the woollen industry" or "the whisky industry") and their appearance on the web. Try to compare the clichées in language and imagery. In what way can they construct "the brand"? To what extent can they be explained by different readerships in mind?

4. Scottish in Tourism: an analysis of web advertising and its language
A short analysis of printed tourist brochures can give you some hints.

Think about it and send your ideas, project outline, web pages, etc. to

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