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English Department
English Department

Summer Institute “Languages and Cultures in Contact / in Contrast” (SILCC)


SEPTEMBER 7-17, 2010, University of Lódz, Poland

within the framework of the Lifelong Learning Programme, Erasmus Intensive Programme (ERA-IP-9-2010)

Language as a medium of culture and part of culture, discourse as both culturally constituted and constitutive of culture, and communication as a way of negotiating cultural meanings continue to inspire, fascinate, and perplex linguists from a variety of backgrounds and orientations, from lexicographic to pragmatic, from descriptive to prescriptive, from theory centered to practice and ideology-oriented. Collecting, exploring, comparing and describing their data of various types and from different sources they continually encounter methodological dilemmas and challenges, which makes them even more eager to strive for new appropriate and effective solutions and tools that would enable them to address various aspects of this multi-dimensional language-culture interaction in a novel and comprehensive way. It is the abundance of methodological questions of the validity and reliability of the techniques used in data collection, processing, analysis and retrieval along with a number of social, psychological, and practical considerations and a growing awareness of the need for cognitive pluralism in language and culture studies that became the motivation behind and the organising principle of SILCC 2010.


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