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Summer School in Ohrid, August 23 - 31, 2019  

Conflicting Truths in Academic and Journalistic Writing

The Ohrid summer school 2019 will gather in Ohrid (Congress Center) previous and new partners from universities in Germany, Albania, North Macedonia, Serbia and Croatia for a successful and beneficial continuation of the Summer Schools 2013, 2014, 2017 and 2018. As in the previous successful summer schools, there will be an initial essay application on the project’s theme, many interactive discussions, group activities and a final journalistic or academic text that students from different countries will jointly write. By considering well-known and recent examples from academic and journalistic writing (e.g. the incidents in Chemnitz, the name dispute between North Macedonia and Greece etc.), students will discuss as to which extend, they agree to the presented truths or to what extend they are influenced by them. To create a better connection between the students and a positive and fun environment, there will also be activities such as a joint boat trip and visit to the historical center of Ohrid. There were also short presentations by every teacher (see Teacher Presentations) and extra-curricular activities. Every participant will receive a copy of the REAL volume published by the project team in 2019.

Students willing to participate applied by sending a 1500-2000-word essay in English (as an example of academic or journalistic writing) on "Conflicting Truths" from their national perspective to their university coordinators or to Vincenzo.



Photos from the Summer School in Ohrid, North Macedonia

Student Comments: " I think I improved my public-speaking skills and my research skills. [...] I think it will help me in my future career."

"It changed my view on the reality and news. I used to 'believe' in everything I found or read on the internet."

"[...] the main purpose of this project is the cooperation and unification of people from the Balkans, but not only academic but also cultural. And that is not easy to achieve. [In this sense,] the project completely fulfilled its mission. I made friends from countries that are not politically close to each-other, and felt very warm and accepted."

"[I reccomed other students to attend the next SS because] it's a great experience and you definitely get reshaped as a person."

Teacher Presentations 

Student Presentations 

National Groups: Albania, North Macedonia, Serbia: Vrsac / Nis 

Mixed Groups: Air Pollution in Macedonia, Lake Ohrid in UNESCO, Smoking Law, Tourism in Ohrid, White Lies

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