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Webportal for Academic Writing for Graduates from SE Europe 2014

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The project was continued from last year AW4SEE and new, related DAAD project started in 2017: News4SEE.

Since the funding had to be reduced, there will be fewer participants in the Summer School and more emphasis on publications, eLearning, e-books for teaching and a REAL volume for international academic discourse.

Workshop in Montenegro (April 29th-May 4th)

Two workgroups (with three subgroups each) will work on two volumes on "Creating and Using a Database for Academic Writing".
We produce downloadable ebooks (40 pages):
"Creating a Database and Analysing Academic Writing in different cultures"
(Trajkova+Albrecht+Toska+Petrovka+Schmied) und
"Using Databases to Teach Academic Writing in different cultures"

We had a very intensive and enjoyable workshop in

The results will be available as ebooks here.

Photo Gallery Workshop

Study visit plus conference

All project participants contribute to

Summer School in Albania (Sept. 14-21/22)

We met our project partners and eleven students from Vlore for some teaching experiments at Primavera Hotel in Vlore. The students were enthusiastic about the interactive teaching component and made wonderful contributions during the classes and in the final evaluation discussion and Summer School dinner. They only regreted that this year the Summer School was relatively short and could not include participants from the other Univeristies in the project.

Work Plan: Programme Summer School Vlore



The project results will also be summarized in a volume in our REAL studies series, REAL 8.



Press Release 11.08.13

Press Release 21.01.14

Press Release 25.10.14 - Summer School in vlore: Akademischer Austausch mal anders (by Jessica Küchler)

Press Release 25.10.14 - "I'm from Germany - I am the Special one" (by Jacinta Edusei)


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