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American Studies

Assistant Professor

Dr. Stefan Meier

+49 371 531-373 19
+49 371 531-834 285
Reichenhainer Straße 39, 227

Office hours: by appointment only

Curriculum vitae


1993 Abitur, Chemnitz
2007 Magister, TU Chemnitz
2013 Dr. phil, TU Chemnitz

Academic Appointments

since 2012 TU Chemnitz Assistant Professor (American Studies)
2008 TU Chemnitz Assistant Professor (British and American Social and Cultural Studies)

Awards and Honors

2012 Scholarship, Free State of Saxony
2010 Fulbright Scholarship, San Francisco State University
2009 Scholarship, Free State of Saxony

Academic Functions

since 2013 Member of the Studienkommission Anglistik/Amerikanistik

Organization of Conferences

2008 “Industrialisierung - Industriekultur - De-Industrialisierung” Symposium at the Industrial Museum Chemnitz (October 24, 2008).
2006 “HipHop meets Academia” International Conference at the TU Chemnitz (August 3-4, 2006).
2005 “Intermedialität: Herausforderungen an die Philologien im Medienzeitalter” International conference at the TU Chemnitz (February 3-4, 2005).



Superman transmedial: Eine Pop-Ikone im Spannungsfeld von Medienwandel und Serialität. Bielefeld: transcript, 2015.


Scholarly Articles

“’It’s a Gift ... and a Curse’: Monk or the Detective in Treatment.”
Detective Fiction and Popular Visual Culture. Eds. Cecile Sandten, Gunter Süß and Melanie  Graichen. Trier: WVT, 2013, 125-38.

“’Truth, Justice, and the Islamic Way’: Conceiving the Cosmopolitan Muslim Superhero in The 99.”
Transnational Perspectives on Graphic Narratives: Comics at the Crossroads. Eds. Shane Denson, Christina Meyer and Daniel Stein. London and New York: Bloomsbury, 2013, 181-93.

“’Men of Steel! Women of Fire!’: Industrialization, Urban Space and the American Dream in Classical Hollywood Cinema.”
Industrialization – Industrial Heritage – De-Industrialization. Eds. Evelyne Keitel, Cecile Sandten and Gunter Süß. Trier: WVT, 2009, 65-80.

“The Many Faces of Don Diego Vega: The Zorro Figure as an Icon of Popular Culture.”
Intermedialities. Eds. Werner Huber, Evelyne Keitel and Gunter Süß. Trier: WVT, 2007, 119-28.



SS 2015  
  • Fictions of the Mexican-American War (S)
  • Advanced American Studies: Methods (S)
WS 2014/15  
  • Fictionalizing the Factual in 19th Century American Fiction (S)
  • Master Colloquium (K)
SS 2014  
  • Nineteenth Century City Mysteries (S)
  • Advanced American Studies: Perspectives on American Cultural Practices (S)
WS 2013/14  
  • Chap Books, Pop Heroines, and Newspaper Cartoons: American Popular Fiction from the late 18th to the Early 20th Century (S)
  • Narrative Complexity in Postmodern American Cinema and TV (S)
SS 2013  
  • Seriality in American Realism (S)
  • Advanced American Studies: Methods (S)
WS 2012/13  
  • Seriality in the Nineteenth Century (S)
  • Introduction to Television Studies (S)
SS 2012  
  • Survey of American Literary History (S)
WS 2011/12  
  • To Be Continued: Sequel, Prequels, Serials, and Series (S)
SS 2009  
  • Just Watching TV?: Major Issues and Current Trends in Television Studies (S)
WS 2008/09  
  • Current Issues in American Cultural and Media Studies (S)

Invited Seminars / Conference Papers and Presentations

"Franchising Sherlock: The Detective as Commodity."
Presentation at the International Conference “Consuming Crime: Consumption, Commodification and Consumerism in Crime Fiction, Film and Television” at the University of Limerick, Ireland (June 26-27, 2015).

“Conceiving the Cosmopolitan Muslim Superhero in The 99.”
Presentation at the MLA Convention 2014 in Chicago (January 9-12, 2014).

“’It’s a Gift ... and a Curse’: Monk or the Detective in Treatment.”
Presentation at the Conference “Detective Fiction in American Popular Culture” at the TU Chemnitz (October 28-29, 2011)

“’TV Is the Thing this Year’: Early American Television Series and the End of the Radio Era.”
Presentation at the Lecture Series “TV Seriality” at TU Dresden (October 20, 2011).

“’Men of Steel! Women of Fire!’: Industrialisierung, urbaner Raum und der Mythos des American Dream im klassischen Hollywoodkino.”
Presentation at the Symposium “Industrialisierung – Industriekultur – De-Industrialisierung” in the Industrial Museum Chemnitz (October 24, 2008).

“’Faster than a Speeding Bullet!’: The Comic Book Superhero and the Radio.”
Postgraduate Forum (PGF) of the German Assocation of American Studies (GAAS) at University of Münster (October 31 - November 2, 2008)