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Professorship Virtual Production Engineering


  • Simulation in Forming Technology (Simulation in der Umformtechnik)
  • Virtual process chains (Virtuelle Prozessketten)
  • Product data technology (Produktdatentechnologie)
  • Computer science of production technology (Grundlagen der Produktionsinformatik)
  • Manufacturing technology (Fertigungstechnik)
  • Study of Manufacturing (Fertigungslehre)
Please note, the actual lectures are under the following link "Online-Registration"!

Course of studies

Our Professorship is involved in the following lectures and course of studies.
  • Mechanical Engineering/ Manufacturing technology (Maschinenbau/ Produktionstechnik) - Bachelor/Master
  • Automobile production (Automobilproduktion) - Bachelor/Master
  • Merge Technologies for Resource Efficiency - Master
  • Digital Manufacturing - Master
  • Systems Engineering - Bachelor
  • Media Production - Bachelor
  • Medical Engineering - Bachelor
  • Business Administration and Engineering (Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen) - Bachelor
  • Sports Engineering - Bachelor

Notes for scientific papers

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