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Professorship Virtual Production Engineering

Main research areas

Experimental investigations and development of methods in the field of incremental forming processes
  • Spinning
  • Flow forming
  • Flexible forming methods
  • Process combinations

Numerical FEM process analysis and process optimization of various metal forming processes
  • Flat-Clinching
  • Rolling processes, planetary cross-rolling
  • Extrusion
  • Deep drawing / stretch forming
  • Cutting processes
  • Cold bulk metal forming
  • tension / compression / bending / shear tests

Support of the process chain through modeling and simulation of the forming processes
  • Elementary methods (e.g. FMM)
  • Finite element method (FEM)

Product modeling and usage of the product data technology
  • Implementation of STEP in practice
  • Further STEP development
  • Integration of process chains
  • Usage of PDM systems

Development and modeling of metal forming process chains
  • Practical implementation
  • Development of reference models
  • Support of the entire process chain of product development
  • Workflow management

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