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Research Projects

DAAD - Project

Higher Education Dialogue with the Muslim World
Project: Future Technology Additive Manufacturing | A cooperation project of the TU Chemnitz and the Universiti Teknologi MARA, Malaysia

AiF/ZIM - Project

TUF-FAST - Tempered joining by forming of metals and fibre-reinforced thermoplastics
Subproject: Process development for joining metals and fibre-reinforced plastics via joining by forming without complementary joining elements by means of numerical methods

DFG - Project

Charakterisierung und Modellierugn des biaxialen Werkstoffverhaltens von Mg

DFG - Project

Enhancement of the connection strength of flat-clinch joints by alternative process concepts

DFG - Project

Property improvement of welding seams due to an inline hot forming process

DFG - Project

Experimental and numerical investigations for the development of the radial-rotation profile forming

SAB - Project

HZwo:BIP - Bipolar Plates from Saxony | Innovative and cost-effective bipolar plate suitable for a large production of passenger car fuel cells

DFG - Project

Material-independent Dimensioning of Knurled Interference Fits of arbitrary Shape

ProSTEP iViP - Project

Founding and establishing the Research Association Smart Engineering - Cooperation project with the ProSTEP iViP Association

DFG - Project

Generally modelling of material behavior and surface modifications for FEM analysis of die forging of carbon steels

SFB - Project 692

1. Funding period
B3 - Experimental investigation and numerical simulation of the interface behavior of Al-compounds
2. Funding period
B3 - Formability of Aluminum Magnesium compounds
3. Funding period
B3 - Systematic adjustment of local material and interface properties for the production of hybrid Al-Mg-compounds

DAAD - Projekt

Higher Education Dialogue with the Muslim World
Project: Digital Engineering area of conflict of different cultures | A cooperation project of the TU Chemnitz and the Universiti Teknologi MARA, Malaysia

DFG - Cluster of Excellence EXC 1075

MERGE - Merge Technologies for Multifunctional Lightweight Structures
B4: Resource-efficient processes for manufacturing hybrid structures |
WP 4.3: Methods and instruments for evaluating the robustness of an entire process

DFG - Priority program 1640

Priority program 1640 "Joining by plastic deformation" Project: "Hybrid flat-clinching of renewable resources"
(1st and 2nd Funding period)

DFG - Project

Developing a macroscopic model to visualize the susceptibility to corrosion of products generated by forming

BMWi/ZIM - Project

KONFEKTDICHT - Development of the technology and the plants for manufacturing of dummies of shape-adaptive braided seals
Subproject - FlechtSim: "Numerical Simulation of braiding processes and investigation of the influence of process parameters on 3D braid quality"

DFG - Project

Numerical and experimental investigations of rotational swing-folding

DFG - Project

Establishment of an international cooperation with the Universiti Teknologi MARA, Malaysia
Project: Simulation-based investigations for designing innovative process chains through the combination of forming, welding and cutting processes

DFG - Project

Determination of properties, further development and extension of the field of application of flat-clinching

SAB - Project

Resource-saving packaging lines - Further development of flat-clinching for the application in cardboard packaging

DFG - Project

Numerical-based design of the joining process and investigation of the transmission behavior of shaft-hub connections with a knurled shaft

DFG - Project

Metal Spinning of rotationally non-symmetric hollow parts - Non-circular spinning

DFG - Project

Development of a simulation model of cylindrical flow forming processes

BMBF - Project

VIPROF - Consistent virtualization of development and production of vehicles

AiF/ZIM - Project

Mapping of finite elements - Development of a method for the automated partial criteria-based transformation from shell-elements into solid-elements considering the whole forming history

AiF/ZIM - Project

Simulation-based development of a universal flat-clinching tool for the single-stage production of one-sided planar mechanical joins

DFG - Project

Simulation-based development of hybrid flat-clinching for the production of metal-polymer-joins

DFG - Project

System integration of process chain and workflow modeling for the metal forming product development process chains

ProSTEP - Working group SimPDM

Integration of simulation data in a PDM-System

DFG - Project

Simulation-based development of tools and kinematics for the single-stage production of one-sided planar mechanical joins

External PhD - Project

Development of a simulation system for the optimization of the cooling lubricant usage in multi-stage hot forming presses

DFG - Priority program 1146

Modeling of Incremental Forming Processes

AiF - Project

Development of an optimization strategy for the design of forming tools taking into account the numerical parameters

DFG - Priority program 1074

Extension of the forming limits of flow forming

SFB - Project

Development and evaluation of new metal forming process chains for the production of forming workpieces

SFB - Project

B10 - Integrated product and process modelling for the planning and control of process chains of bulk metal forming

BMWi/IDS283 - Project

STEP in the forging industry

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