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Professorship Virtual Production Engineering

Finite element analysis

Simulationsmodell eines Drckwalzprozesses With the help of different FEM programs available at our department we are able to simulate a broad range of forming manufacturing processes. Both for sheet metal forming as well as for bulk metal forming specialized tools are available. Thus already during the early planning phase we are able to detect possible emerging problems, calculate required process forces and assess your processes based on required performance parameters.

Process design and optimization

Even for components which are already being produced it is possible to detect feasible problems and to optimize the existing processes with the help of simulation. Especially for small and medium-sized businesses collaboration with us offers the opportunity to profit from simulation techniques without having to buy or rent costly hardware, software and related professionals needed for this job. In our own testing ground and in collaboration with other departments, we are also able to carry out problem-oriented experiments of basic research. As a result investigations on the means of production can be reduced to a minimum and therefore production downtimes can be eliminated or at least be kept very low.Are you interested? Then do not hesitate to contact us!
... Because for every practical problem exists a virtual solution.

Stress tests and recording of flow curves

The essential bases of any simulation are material parameters. We are capable to record flow curves in compression tests (such as cone compression test, parallel compression test). With our building material testing press, which has a nominal capacity of 2000kN, a variety of static pressure load tests or press tests are possible. Subsumed we cannot just create practical material data for us, but we also can perform various tests with similar loading condition for you.

Analysis of deformation

Besides material parameters the key to a successful simulation is the verification with practice. Only if sufficient accurate results have been achieved for a number of references, statements of stress in the component and subsequent statements in the planning process for the manufacture of a component can be made. To measure the deformation condition of plane components, the department uses the optical 3D deformation analysis system ARGUS by the company GOM. If you are a manufacturer of components which need to be analyzed in terms of knowing the plastic strain or performing a simulation based on the analysis, we would be glad to help you.

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