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Usage of laboratories

last update: 2013-10-15

As of May, 29th, a new practice will be used, that allows students the usage of laboratories for academic work during their studies with the permission of an adviser. Who wants to work in a laboratory has to subscribe for this in advance. This method shall ensure, that an overview about the activities in the laboratories can be given and the capacities aren't exceeded. For this purpose, the PMBS has been developed.

Everyone with an access permission for the PMBS can subscribe for the usage of a lab. This permission has to be requested. You can get the permission in arrangement with the responsible person for the lab. To provide a secure protection against attacks from outside, an authentication with the Web-Trust-Center of Chemnitz UT is necessary. A secondary authentication (same credentials) with the PMBS is needed to create a subscription or for viewing the timetable. Use the button "Log in" in the PMBS application.

Working in laboratory and at devices without instruction is not allowed. The instruction has to be executed by the responsible staff or your adviser. Report disorders immediately.

Transponders can be handed out in arragement with Karin Förster (Email: karin.foerster@...)

Please respect these notes:

  • Devices and equipment in the rooms is grouped into workplaces.
  • Subscriptions can only be done for one workplace at the same time.
  • You can create a new entry by clicking somewhere in the timetable.
  • The opening hours of the laboratories have to be followed
  • Please enter your name in the first field.
  • Please enter a description of your work as work specification. This includes the materials you want to use, which measurements, etc.
  • Please select the relevant category ("Stundent")
  • The access permission is usually valid for half a year and has to be requested again after expiration.
  • If you get the error message "Access can't be granted" either your username/password was incorrect or your access permission isn't (longer) valid.

responsible persons

Maxi Bellmann Email: maxi.bellmann@...
Karin Förster Email: karin.foerster@...

access PMBS / declare usage management of permissions

In case of problems and ideas for improvement, contact me markus.kleindienst@...