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Microtechnology / Mechatronics (B.Sc., M.Sc.)
Occupational field Print and Media Technology
Our world is going through fundamental change. This process is primarily driven by dynamic technological developments. In the course of this development, mechanical and electronic worlds fuse more and more and in an increasingly complex way. This is reflected in the extreme miniaturisation of systems. In particular, information processing turns into an integral part of modern technology.

The Bachelor's programme Microtechnology / Mechatronics and the consecutive Master's programme, which is currently set up, provide a future-oriented education that takes these developments into account. This can also be seen in the fact that the programmes are organised and conducted by two faculties: the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology. Thus, the students receive a broad and interdisciplinary education.
  Bachelor's programme
Prerequisites University entrance qualification
There are no admission restrictions for this study programme
Standard period of study 6 semesters
Degree Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)
Enrolment Winter semester
Structure and content of the study programme
During the first semesters the students acquire the necessary basics of mathematics, natural sciences and engineering science (from the fields of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and information technology). The education is complemented by interdisciplinary non-technical modules, e.g. in business studies and English. A six-week internship, which provides the opportunity to gain first practical experience, is also scheduled for the first semesters or can be even done before starting the Bachelor's programme.

At the beginning of the 5th semester the students opt for an occupational field, which gives them the opportunity to specialise in an area that complies with their interests and career aspirations. The pmTUC offers the occupational field Print and Media Technology. Training in this area focuses on imparting methodological skills in technology and process development for new applications in the print media sector. The students can, for instance, take the following modules:
  • Output Systems of Print Media Technology,
  • Pre-Press Systems/Image Processing,
  • Printing Presses and Processes,
  • Machine Design/Micro and Nano Systems, and
  • Media Technology/Media Systems.
In addition, the students can choose compulsory optional modules to further extend their knowledge in their fields of interest.

In the 6th semester the students write their Bachelor's thesis.
  Master's programme - currently set up
Prerequisites Bachelor of Science (Engineering) or equivalent degree
There are no admission restrictions for this study programme
Standard period of study 4 semesters
Degree Master of Science (M.Sc.)
Enrolment Winter semester
  Career prospects for degree holders
An increasing number of companies turn to products that are characterised by micro-technical and mechatronical components. Thus, modified and novel methods, technologies and equipment are needed for their production processes. Graduates with a university training which includes mechanical engineering, electrical and information engineering as well as the new field of microtechnology, are highly qualified to wok on the development and design of corresponding processes and systems.

Due to their broad and interdisciplinary education ranging from the development of products to the development of entire production processes and systems, Microtechnology / Mechatronics graduates have a great potential to become innovation specialists. Especially students with the Master's degree are qualified to take up management positions in research and development or production planning and organisation. Furthermore, apart from working in the industry, they can work in peripheral areas of micro and electrical or mechanical engineering, for example, in research institutes, public authorities, and educational institutions.
  Enrolment and contact persons
More information on enrolment? Registrar's office at Chemnitz University of Technology
Fachstudienberatung (academic counselling) Prof. Andreas Schubert or Dr. Jürgen Bräuer
Questions concerning occupational field print media technology? E-mail to
Academic counselling at the Institute