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Mechanical Engineering (B.Sc., M.Sc.)
The fabrication of products, e.g. printing products or the necessary printing presses, is not possible without machines and appropriate technologies and processes. Thus, mechanical engineering with its modern production, information and communication technologies is the most important core area of our economy.

The Bachelor's programme Mechanical Engineering aims to prepare students for professional careers in mechanical and manufacturing engineering with an in-depth knowledge in mechanical plant design, manufacturing technology and engineering materials. The Master's programme, which is currently set up, will include a specialisation in Print and Media Technology.
Graduates with a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering can also deepen their knowledge in the field of print and media technology by taking up the Master's studies in Media Production.
  Bachelor's programme
Prerequisites University entrance qualification
There are no admission restrictions for this study programme
Standard period of study 6 semesters
Abschluss Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)
Enrolment Winter semester
  Master's programme - currently set up
Prerequisites Bachelor of Science (Engineering) or equivalent degree
There are no admission restrictions for this study programme
Standard period of study 4 semesters
Degree Master of Science (M.Sc.)
Enrolment Winter semester
  Career prospects for degree holders
Graduates benefit from the good reputation and long tradition of mechanical engineering in Chemnitz. Having enjoyed a broad scientific and widely recognized education at Chemnitz University of Technology, graduates are well prepared for a broad range of positions in research and development or industry.

Mechanical engineers can push the development of innovative, cost-efficient products meeting the demands of the market and design new production processes and methods. Furthermore, they are qualified to plan and design modern production facilities. Apart from working in research and development, graduates can also assume management positions, work as consultants or offer others their expert knowledge as service.
  Enrolment and contact persons
More information on enrolment? Registrar's office at Chemnitz University of Technology
Fachstudienberatung (academic counselling) Prof. Dr. Erhard Leidich or Dr.-Ing. Brigitte Morgenstern
Questions concerning print media specialisation? E-mail to
Academic counselling at the Institute