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Mailing Lists

Mailing lists (also "distribution lists") are special email addresses. When sending a message to such an address, it will automatically be distributed from a server to all members of the respective list. Mailing lists are useful with great numbers of participants and/or often changing participants. Each mailing list has a list administrator who defines the purpose of the list, usage rules, and the status of the list (public, non-public, etc.).

The URZ (university computer centre) runs a system for efficient management of mailing lists: Mailman. Members of Chemnitz University can use this service in compliance with the general URZ usage regulations to support teaching, research and administration.

The following mailing lists were set up both to facilitate communication between students enrolled in one of the pmTUC programmes (e.g. to form study groups, but also to make arrangements for barbecues if you want, etc.) and to enable the distribution of information from pmTUC staff to students in the various programmes (e.g. about planned study trips and conditions for participation):

list nameparticipants
pmmtmMicromechanics/Mechatronics, Print and Media Technology
pmmbMechanical and Production Engineering, Print Media Technology
pmwiingIndustrial Engineering, Media Technology
pmmgrtMagister Artium Print Media Technology
pmaifApplied Computer Science, Media Informatics
pmmkMedia Communications
pmbmepBSc Media Production / Print and Media Technology
pmmmpMaster Media Production / Print and Media Technology
Please use your university e-mail address for your registration!

You find all relevant information about registration and cancellation as well as usage of the above mailing list by clicking on the list name.

You can contact the list administrator by sending an email to:

Attention! When sending email messages to the mailing lists, you should keep in mind that the lists are limited to 500 kB for performance reasons. Therefore, they are not suitable for sending large attachments. Should you want to make additional information available, please do so by giving a fully qualified link to the respective files. (Should you not have the possibility to make your files available via www, please turn to redaktion@pmTUC.)