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Organise your application process for M.Sc. Print and Media Technology at Chemnitz University of Technology

Welcome to our admission and visa guide

For many years now, international students have been applying for the Master’s degree course (M.Sc.) Print and Media Technology, offered by the Institute for Print and Media Technology of Chemnitz University of Technology. Before you can start your studies in Chemnitz, you have to organise a lot of things, including your application at uni-assist, visa application, accommodation in Chemnitz, etc. In the past, some students could not arrive on time due to incomplete documents, financial uncertainties, or visa delays.

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This guide, which has been developed by the Professorship Print Media Technology [pmTUC], shall help you to organise your application process. If you follow the guidelines step by step, you will always know which things have to be organised next and, thus, save a lot of time. At the same time, it allows us to see the present status of your application process. In case there should be any problem, we can instantly provide assistance.

Please read carefully through the information on this website and let us know, if you have any concerns or questions. We also welcome any feedback or comments on the issues and content presented in this guide. Just send an email to Thank you!

How does this guide work?

pmPilot shall help you to organise your application step by step. The requirements for getting admission to our M.Sc. course and the basic admission process are briefly explained here:

  1. Online self-assessment and pre-check: Some of you, especially those who don’t have printing background, might not be sure whether you are eligible for the Master’s degree course or not. The self-assessment test shall give you an idea about the content and requirements of our programme and help you to find out whether you have some basic knowledge of the subject field. Of course, it is not necessary to pass the test with a result of 100%. In fact, there is no percentage which signifies that you have failed and are therefore not eligible. Rather, the test shall help you to assess your own knowledge and background and then decide whether the Print and Media course fits your interests and expectations and you want to apply or not. In addition, we offer you a pre-check of your documents before you start to submit your application to uni-assist. You can upload your Bachelor’s degree certificate plus transcript of records/grade sheets (of each term) and the pmTUC will check whether you meet the subject-specific requirements necessary to get admission to the course later on. Please note that this pre-check is unofficial and that we can't make any statement about general eligibility criteria (e.g. validity of international degrees and universities, language requirements), as these things are checked by uni-assist and the admission office of Chemnitz University. This means that a positive feedback from us is not a confirmation of admission. It just means that with regard to your scientific background you would get admitted, provided that formal criteria are fulfilled, too.
  2. Formal application process: The next step focuses on the actual application process, from submission of your documents to uni-assist to issuing of the admission letter. We tell you which documents have to be prepared, which fees have to be paid and other relevant issues.
  3. Organise your stay in Chemnitz: Once you have submitted your application documents to uni-assist and are waiting for the admission letter you should already start to make visa arrangements, prepare for student accommodation, make travel arrangements etc. pmPilot will also explain which organisational issues have to be kept in mind.

How is the process organised?

The following picture shall give you an overview of the entire admission process and an idea about the time that you have to schedule. Please move your cursor over the image below to view details.

What we don't offer

Please note that pmPilot is based on experiences we or our students have made in the past. We assume no responsibility for the accuracy and/or completeness of the information provided in this guide. The regulations, requirements and other content may change over time and we recommend to crosscheck all information (fees, deadlines, documents) with the official bodies (uni-assist, TU Chemnitz, consulate, etc.). In addition, it is your own responsibility to check for local or national differences in the regulations of admission or visa procedures.

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