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Easy access to printed electronics

Printing products of the future become reality with pmPrintlab. Printed electronics refers to the printing of electronic functionalities or devices on large, flexible substrates, like paper or foil. Novel properties and cost-effective production possibilities open up new applications with high-volume market opportunities, e.g. for advertising, packaging or medicine.

Do you want to benefit from the technology and have a product idea that you want to try and realise? With our services for printed electronics, ranging from the development to the first production-related implementation, we would like to support you professionally and discretely.


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  • Printing service and development of your product ideas with printed electronics on paper or foil
  • Customisation of electronic layouts, formats, materials, substrates and other properties according to your requirements
  • Electronic print products may have conventional colour layout on the back side
  • Consulting, feasibility studies, printing tests, prototype development, small batch production


  • Adapted mass printing techniques for printed electronics developed at pmTUC
  • Long-term experience in conventional digital and offset printing and functional printing of printed electronics
  • Interdisciplinary production and research team