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[Printing presses], [Laboratory equipment]

Our printing presses and equipment *

Last update: July 2015

Developing unit
KTW 863 K (Koenings)
For the development of waterless printing forms (conventional positive (film), conventional negative (film), conventional positive (UV-Setter), conventional negative (UV-Setter), Toray-ctp) Koenings
Sheet-fed gravure press testing facility Printing speed max. 2 m/s,
Sheet width 140 mm, loop as sheet carrier,
Chambered scraper,
Adjustable press force of the presseur
Photos of the facility
Videos of printing experiments

Roll printing machines

MAN Roland DICO-Web Experimental press with offset, flexographic and gravure printing unit, with short, long and spray inking unit, with gapfree design of plate and blanket cylinder using a sleeve system, with unwinder, rewinder and sheeter
Web width: 520-330 mm — speed: 5m/s
Laboratory printing press G7
Experimental printing press (rotary offset with a short inking unit and 4 long inking units, convertible to flexo printing) with unwinder and rewinder as well as heat-set-dryer and IR-dryer
Web width: 140 mm — speed: 5 m/s
Laboratory printing press G8
Experimental printing press with rewinder and unwinder
Web width: 140 mm — speed: 2,5 m/s
Laboratory printing press G11
Experimental printing press (gravure printing) with unwinder and rewinder as well as heat-set-dryer
Web width: 140 mm — speed: 5 m/s
Experimental printing press
Experimental printing press with one printing unit (convertible - flexo, offset and gravure printing) and heat-set-dryer
Web width: 35 mm — speed: 1 m/s
Laboratory printing press G25
Experimental printing press with one inking unit (gravure printing), integrated imaging unit, unwinder and rewinder as well as heat-set-dryer
Web width: 140 mm — speed: 5 m/s

Sheet-fed printing presses

74 Karat (KBA) Digital sheet-fed offset press
Max. format: 52x74 cm² — speed: 10 000 sheets/hr
GTO-Z 52 (Heidelberg) 2-colour press
Max. format: 360x520 mm² — speed: 8 500 sheets/hr

Digital printing presses

Ocè; ColorWave 600 Ocè; ColorWave 600 - colour toner large format printer using Ocè CrystalPoint technology (TonerPearls), print speed of up to 31 seconds per A0 OCE
Epson Stylus Pro 7800 and EFI Proof Software Inkjet printer for proofing of offset prints with UltraChrome K3 inks in 8 colours. Inkjet
Xerox Nuvera 3 EA 144 DPS Digital duplex printing system: xerographic, insert and booklet maker
Max. format: DIN A3 — speed: 110 pages/min
Xerox FreeFlow Print Server
Xerox Nuvera
Xerox 770 Digital Colour Press Digital full-colour printing system: xerographic, hole-punching and stapling unit
max. Format: SRA3; Druckgeschwindigkeit: 71 Seiten/min
Xerox FreeFlow Print Server
Xerox DCP


Folding machine Docufold, Nagel 2 buckle plates, with preselection counter, perforating and creasing device
Max. format: 350x450 mm²; — folding speed: 17.000 sheets/hr A4
Foldnak 8, Nagel Brochure production line foldnak
cut-tec 92 Wohlenberg Cutting machine Wohlenberg
Three-knife trimmer, Hörauf Especially for book-on-demand
Max. untrimmed format: 315x410 mm² — max. 20 trimmings/min
Euro-bind 445 (eurotecnica) Hotmelt adhesive binder eurobinder

Laser engraving machine

BRM Lasermaschinen laser engraving machine Laser

Measurement equipment

spectrophotometer, colour reflection densitometer, densitometer D 19C, spectral photometer SPM 50, Spectroscan + Spectrolino by GretagMacbeth, i1 Pro by GretagMacbeth, cameras (Canon EOS 600D) and scanners Tools

Our laboratory equipment *

Printing laboratory

Semi-automatic screen printer EKRA X1 with manual optical positioning system, test printing press MZ2 incl. damping unit by Prübau, flexo test printing press Erichsen Flexiproof, semiautomatic screen printing machine Essemtec SP003, screen printing machine AT 301 M by Alraun Technik, spin-coater, emulsification tester by Prüfbau, abrasion tester, pile tester by Prüfbau, Glossmaster Erichsen, portable radiation pyrometer by Heitronics, scale in microgram range, various densitometers and other equipment

Ink and paper laboratory

Three roll mill EXAKT 80 E, rotary viscosimeter Rheotest RN, falling-bar viscometer, Lithomat Prüfbau, Colorflash Compact Optronik and grindometer, dynamic penetration tester by emco, as well as testers for roughness and porosity according to Bendtsen, smoothness according to Beck, surface absorbency according to Cobb-Unger, tear resistance, sizing degree, folding strength, direction of fibre, impurities, conductivity, pH-value and thickness, spectral photometer, paper weight scale and other equipment

Measuring- and electronics laboratory

3D laserscanning mikroscope VK 9700 by Keyence, SourceMeter Keithley 2400, 2612 and 6430, contact angle measuring device by Dataphysics, profilometer VEECO DEKTAC 8M, LCR meter Agilent E4980, REM Tesla BS343, probe unit SÜSS PM5, fibre optic spectrometer by AvaSpec with integrating sphere, light-optical microscope Zeiss (Axioskop 2 MAT mot) with with high resolution microscope camera AxioCam MRc, highspeed camera MotionBLITZ Cube2-6 and other equipment u. a. mit 3D-Laserscanning-Mikroskop VK 9700 von Keyence, SourceMeter Keithley 2400, 2612 und 6430, Kontaktwinkelmessgerät Dataphysics,

Scientific software

i.a. Esko ArtiosCAD, X-Rite iProfiler, InkFormulation, LabVIEW, LabTracer, Origin Pro, MS Visual Studio, Delphi, Adobe Creative Suite, Siemens NX, Autodesk Inventor, COMSOL Multiphysics, CurveTracer, IGOR Software
This list is not exhaustive.