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27 June 2017: Gautschfest am pmTUC
Tuesday, 2017-06-27   news

Dear pmTUC students and colleagues,

On behalf of all staff at pmTUC, we would like to invite you on Tuesday, 27.06.2017, 3:00 pm to Gutenbergwiese* in Chemnitz to participate in a ceremonial water baptism of Gutenberg's follower.
Gautschen is a centuries-old custom of the printing industry. Initially, the Gautsch ceremony was held to admit the apprentices amongst the group of colleagues. At pmTUC, chosen students, colleagues and apprentices will be plunged into the Gautsch-barrel and admitted to the "Printing guild" each year.

In addition to the Gautsch ceremony, there will be a barbecue and chilled drinks.

We are hoping for active participation.

PS: As usual, we recommend to bring some extra (dry) clothes.
Do not rely on further hints - there won't be any.

* The meadow between hall F and G.

Ivonne Bartsch
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