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Professorship Micromanufacturing Technology

Teaching at the Professorship Micromanufacturing Technology

Portrait: Benjamin Clauß
Benjamin Clauß
Chief engineer teaching


The curricular content conveys knowledge, skills, and proficiency that are indispensable for developers, production engineers, and managers at companies in the precision engineering and microtechnological industry, in high-precision mechanical engineering, and in precision technology.

The curricular content qualifies graduates to develop and employ manufacturing procedures for the production of precision and microstructure components.

  • to design those parts in a manner suitable for production to adopt of technology according to the mechanisms of the manufacturing process.
  • to design product- and technology-based process chains which incorporate adequate manufacturing resources
  • to holistically examine production processes of precision and micro engineering

Based on the holistic examination of their production development process, the individual components of the production process are dealt with.

The program focuses especially on the production processes of micro engineering.

Dean and adviser Prof. Schubert of the program microtechnology / mechatronics

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