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Professorship Micromanufacturing Technology

Cooperation of the Professorship Micromanufacturing Technology

Research Institutions

A cooperation with the Beckmann-Institut für Technologientwicklung e.V. in Oelsnitz.

An other cooperation exists with the work group Combinatory microelectrochemistry at Fraunhofer-Institute for Ceramic Technologies and Systems IKTS in Dresden.

The Professorship Micromanufacturing Technology cooperates with the Department of Precision- and Microproduction of the Fraunhofer-Institute for Machine Tools and Forming Technology IWU in Chemnitz when executing research and development projects.

The Professorship Micromanufacturing also cooperates with Professorships of TU Chemnitz’s Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology.

The faculty also closely cooperates with the other Professorships at the TU Chemnitz’s Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.

On multiple levels the department works together with the institutes of Physics and Chemistry of Chemnitz's Faculty of Natural Sciences.

Business Partners

The Professorship Micromanufacturing Technology cooperates with the AeroLas GmbH in developing of machining processes and drive systems.

Due to a joint project, the department cooperates with the Boenig - Präzisionswerkzeugbau GmbH in Höhn. The project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology on an enactment of the German Bundestag.

Particularly in the field of Electrochemical Machining, the department cooperates with the SITEC Industrietechnologie GmbH.


These cooperations broaden the possibilities in teaching and research and offer starting points for innovative solutions at the intersections of the different fields. 

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