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Professorship Micromanufacturing Technology

Research of the Professorship Micromanufacturing Technology

Portrait: Dr. Mike Zinecker
Dr. Mike Zinecker
Chief engineer research


The research activities of the Professorship Micromanufacturing are focused on the research and development of manufacturing technologies and systems of micro- and ultraprecision technologies as well as the realization of projects in cooperation with partners from industry. The realization of complex projects is accomplished by close cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute of Machine Tools and Forming Technology, especially with the department Micro- and precision manufacturing, as well as many partners from industry and science.

Micromanufacturing   Precision manufacturing
  • Optimization and testing of machining (milling, drilling) and abrasive (ECM, EDM) microstructuring methods
  • Development of microforming technologies for plane microstructuring
  • Design of process chains
  • Optimization and testing of machining methods
  • Development of microforming technologies for plane microstructuring
  • Surface technologies/tribology
Process simulation   Equipment
  • Modeling and simulation of effects and processes in micromanufacturing
  • Examination of coupled physical phenomena
  • Simulation of functionally structured surfaces
  • Design, construction, and development of tools and devices for high-precision and micromanufacturing
  • Development of strategies to monitor and control processes

otentials of Micro- and Precision Manufacturing

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