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IST: Institute of Lightweight Structures

Departments of the Institute

Department of Lightweight Structures and Polymer Technology
Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Prof. h. c. Dr. h. c. Prof.
Lothar Kroll
Director of IST
Head of Department SLK
Director of Affiliated Institute CETEX

The scientific work is focused on the development and investigation of integrative plastic processing technologies for the resource efficient manufacturing of lightweight structures and systems. The coupled structure and process simulation together with analytical and numerical methods provide important information for optimized structure and process parameters. Basis materials are modified high-performance polymers and compounds, but also renewable primary products, novel thermoplastic prepregs and bionic textile preforms.

Department of Sports Equipment & Technology
Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing.
Stephan Odenwald
Head of Department SGT

Combining insights from fields such as engineering, sports technology and sports sciences, the professorship of Sports Equipment & Technology focuses on specialist competences in the area of research and development at the human-machine interface. As a multidisciplinary team consisting of engineers, sports scientists, sports engineers, IT experts, and technicians, it provides innovative solutions for complex problems and design of tailor-made sports equipment.

Department Textile Technologies
Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing.
Holger Cebulla
Head of Department TT

The Chair Textile Technologies is dedicated to all textile issues of classic textiles to high performance textiles made of carbon, metallic materials and all other high-performance fibers. Research focuses on the process development for new applications, construction and modification of textile machinery as well as product development. The main areas are the development of technical textiles for fiber composites, for textile reinforced concrete and for metallic composites.

Endowed Chair "Textile plastic and hybrid composites"
Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil.
Daisy Nestler
Head of Endowed Chair

The endowed professorship "Textile plastic and hybrid composites" combines the disciplines of textile technology, textile machine construction, mechanical engineering, plastics technology and mechanics in an interdisciplinary team. The focus of research is on the parallel alignment and link of the value chains of textile and plastics processing for the production of large series compatible, textile-reinforced plastic composites. The knowledge and technology transfer from research into strategic collaborations with industry and business creates the common foundations for technology and product innovations. The focus is on the practical implementation of the requirements for sustainability, resource conservation and energy efficiency in textile-based lightweight technologies and products. Six courses are held of the endowed professorship for Bachelor's and Master's programs at the TU Chemnitz. Thus courses are filled with the scientific and technical sound and apply confirmed R&D results of the endowed professorship "Textile plastic and hybrid composites".

Endowed Chair System Technology and Shift Modules
Prof. Dr.-Ing.
Wolfgang Nendel
Head of Endowed Chair

The endowed chair "system technology and shift modules" (STS) is an academic competence center for plastics processing, handling and automation technology as well as processes in relation to system enclosures for industrial applications. The central topics of the IST institute such as lightweight construction are picked up on too. So students can gain insights into the current basic research, applied research and they can part in realistic studies.
Two research fields are in focus: The first research field "products and production processes" includes e. g. new surface technologies and manufacturing processes for plastic components and enclosures. The second research field "system technology" combines handling and automation technology with a comprehensive view of the entire process starting with engineering, including manufacturing, up to the point of maintenance tasks. The chair was founded by the Rittal GmbH & Co. KG.

Endowed Chair High-Performance Fibers and Processing
Dr. rer. nat.
Isabelle Roth-Panke
Head of Endowed Chair

The Endowed Chair High Performance Fibers and Processing (HLF) was launched in October 2018 and will explore and provide carbon fiber manufacturing processes over the next six years that allow for significant energy savings compared to conventional processes, thereby reducing costs. At the endowed chair, scientists from the fields of chemistry, mechanical engineering, process engineering and physics will conduct interdisciplinary research on carbon fiber production for use in new lightweight construction products. In addition, the cooperation with the federal cluster of excellence MERGE for the production of carbon fiber reinforced high performance lightweight components will be further expanded.

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