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Team Textile Mechanical Components
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Welcome to the website of the research team Textile Mechanical Components at the Professorship of Materials Handling and Conveying Engineering at the Institute of Materials Handling, Conveying and Plastics Engineering.

Main goal of the research activities is to develop more efficient and powerful tension members and suspension elements for mechanical engineering, especially for equipment and facilities in conveying engineering, and to ensure their effective manufacturing.

Based on the results of the project InnoZug, following technical key aspects can be defined:

  • Execution of systematic investigations on textile mechanical components
  • Derivation of models for analytically evaluating the lifetime
  • Conceptual design and implementation of methods for measurement based determination of the progress of damage
  • Development of appropriate manufacturing and refining processes
  • Creation of new conveyor systems by applying textile mechanical components

Stimulations concerning development of ground-breaking products are arising from networking with partners from industry. Hereby, a contribution to strengthening of the regional economic structure is achieved.

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