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Professorship of Factory Planning and Intra Logistics
Competence Areas

Fields of competences

Factory planning competence field

Responsible: M.Sc. Michael Bojko
  • Factory and work (place) design
  • Process modeling and simulation
  • 3D visualization and interaction
  • Data management and information systems
  • Services and business models
  • Experimentation and digital factory

Factory operation competence field

Responsible: M.Sc. Philipp Wilsky
  • Production Planning and Control
  • Process and production management
  • Digitization of processes
  • Project management

Quality management work area

Responsible: M.Sc. Philipp Wilsky

  • Integrated management systems
  • Quality techniques

Logistics field

Responsible: Dipl.-Ing. Pierre Grzona, M.Sc. Luise Weißflog

  • Modeling and simulation of material and information flows
  • Design of transport, storage and picking systems
  • Smart and Lean Logistics
  • Industrial identification systems Auto-ID (selection, application)

Digital processes and factory systems

Responsible: M.Sc. Martin Folz

  • Digitization of processes (data collection, transmission, storage, including retrofit)
  • Data processing (industrial analytics, AI methods) and visualization
  • Data processing systems in the factory (MES, ERP)

Project Group Mittelstand-Digital Centre Chemnitz


Responsible: M.Sc. Luise Weißflog, Dipl.-Ing. Pierre Grzona

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