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Department of Factory Planning and Factory Management
Objectives and Fields of Application

Objectives and Fields of Application

The main objective

An integrated view of scientific questions from factory planning, production planning and control, logistics, factory organization and energy efficiency is considered as the primary goal of the work in the experimental and Digital Factory (EDF). The coupling of real scenarios of production (in conjunction with logistics, information flow, etc.) with a digital / virtual planning and a real-time control environment in this case forms the core point.

This makes it possible to examine both current and future scenarios for versatile, innovative, resource efficient, productive production and logistics environments.


  • Provision of laboratory equipment for research, teaching and industry participation
  • Visionary approach to current research trends
  • Complete realization of a model factory (real factory) with associated control intelligence and planning tools (virtual factory) at different levels
  • Extensive support the investigation of versatility, energy efficiency, etc.
  • Extensive support the investigation of concepts in the areas of:
    • Factory Planning and Digital Factory
    • Logistics / energy efficiency
    • Factory Operation, control and organization
The experimental and digital factory is the specialized sections of the chair are factory planning and factory operation as excellent research environment is available, which also represent an ideal learning and Erfahrungsort for students and to enable partners and stakeholders the practical implementation of planned projects.

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