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Department of Factory Planning and Factory Management
Study, Research and Practice

EDF in Study, Research and Practice

In keeping with the philosophy of the professorship is the experimentation and digital factory for a future-oriented studies with high practical relevance, as well as for innovative research that focuses on current trends in science. In addition, the EDF is an excellent test environment for regional plant manufacturers, producers and service providers, thus ensuring the exchange of knowledge and experience between science and industry.

Laboratory environment for student training to factory planning, factory management and logistics
  • Complex problem solving and system configuration with LEGO (Principles of Management Sciences)
  • Implementation of simulation games and getting to know the material flow technology (Material Flow and Logistics)
  • Learning about automation technology (production computer science II)
  • Demonstration of planning tools (Computer Aided Factory Planning)
  • Demonstration of PPC systems (Production Planning and Control)


Research environment for TU Chemnitz
  • Achievement of compliant adaptability by designing the Wandlungsbefähiger universality, mobility, scalability, modularity and compatibility
  • Design of intelligent marshalling and interlinking concepts
  • Implementation of innovative identification and navigation concepts
  • Investigation of mechanisms of action between predictor and target variables
  • Development of concepts, approaches and methods of design of future versatile factory systems
  • Energy efficiency research
Test environment for regional plant manufacturers, producers and service providers
  • New and further development of plant components
  • Examination of the integration of subsystems into the overall system as well as behavioral studies of the interaction
  • Research of new active principles, concepts and technologies
  • Development and application of innovation and creativity techniques

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