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Department of Factory Planning and Factory Management
Design and Implementation

Design and Implementation

The EDF consists of three rooms in Building D at the site Erfenschlag Chemnitz University of Technology, the Digital Center (representation of the virtual production) and are housed in the rooms of D17 and D18 the Experimental Center (representation of real output) in space D19.

2D and 3D view of the experimental and Digital Factory

Design and implementation in the flow systems

Material flow

For the EDF various scenarios for products, processes and material flow layouts were designed.

Suitable for product and process an appropriate material flow layout was designed.

Material flow layout Scenario 4

Other scenarios of the spatial arrangement of processing cells used to demonstrate and study the mutability of a factory system based on material flow and layout.

Scenarios of the versatile plant layout of the EDF (selection)

Energy flow

EDF, an overhead, two-dimensional media source has been designed and implemented with tapping points for compressed air, electric power and Ethernet.

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